Istrian Food Tour

Istria, Croatia



Min. Group Size

2 people


4 - 6 hours

It is a good thing to experience local food when you visit a new place. This is why we created this tour where you get to taste the highly praised traditional flavours of Istrian past and present. No matter what time of year you visit Istria, you will find Istrian food and gastronomy to be equally strong, passionate and intense. Treat your senses with tastes and smells of the Mediterranean and enjoy the extraordinary Croatian food prepared just for you. Prosciutto, cheese, olive oil and wine are the basics of Istrian cuisine, and we all know that the basics are most often the best possible option when you want to be sure you’ve chosen right.

  • Get the opportunity to taste Istrian wine. 
  • The Istrian prosciutto is a real status symbol of the istrian cuisine.
  • Istrian olive oil is of the highest quality which can be tasted if you follow the olive oil roads.
  • Istria is known for its goat, sheep and cow milk cheese. It is becoming increasingly more important in Istrian gastronomy.
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