Cycling in Rabac

Rabac, Croatia



Min. Group Size

1 person


1 - 4 hours

Cycling is becoming more demanding as you approach the eastern coast of Istria, but it’s worth the effort especially because there is a breath-taking view of the beautiful landscape. The aromatic Mediterranean vegetation and untouched nature make it an ideal destination worth exploring by bike. Bikers are required to have previous experience and physical preparation because of the demanding surface which includes a lot of ascents and descents with greater length of most of the trails.

Cycling Labin Croatia
  • Dozens of trails strategically located in some of the most beautiful parts of the area allowing you to select a trail which is most suitable both for your fitness level and your own preference.
  • Experience biking though historical wonders and medieval towns and villages like Labin and Paz.
  • For an unforgettable scenic biking track the paths of the Venetian nobles and artists towards the miraculous healing waters of St Lucia while enjoying spectacular panoramic sea views.
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