Cultural Sailing Cruise

Chania, Crete



Min. Group Size

2 people for the private cruise


4 - 5 hours

If you are a history enthusiast and you also love sailing then this is the right choice for you! After a short, introductive walk at the old harbour of Chania, join us on board, away from the crowds, for a sail back in time when Channia was called ‘La Canea’ and it was filled with Venetian merchants and military galleys. As we move out of the harbour, we go further back in time to get to know the long and fascinating history and prehistory of Chania and Crete while also discovering the secrets of the ancient navigation.

  • Sail west towards Thodorou, an uninhabited islet and wildlife refuge for the wild Cretan goat. 
  • Enjoy a relaxing swim on the south side of Thodorou.
  • Experience the scenic old tannery district of Chania, where the sunset and the vacant historical buildings will provide the perfect, almost cinematic, background for a light snack and a glass of wine on board.
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